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See what others say about Anna's Studio

Paul S.

She is professional with scheduling and billing. She relates to my daughter, picks appropriate music, she encourages my daughter to reach her full potential. Anna is an excellent violin player herself. It has been a pleasure to work with Anna!

Chip A.

Anna customizes each lesson to meet her student's individual needs. As a much older student I really appreciate this extra effort. Very professional as well as very kind. I am sure both younger and older students Benefits from her love of music and teaching.

Bridgette B.

I am an adult violin learner and I really enjoy working with Anna. She is very kind, but always provides the feedback so that I am getting the information I need to improve. I really appreciate her ability to see what I don't see in my playing so I can progress each lesson.

Kat P.

My sister Hailey has been taking piano lessons with Anna Sobotka for 2 months now and has made tremendous improvement in such a short amount of time. I am very happy I signed up with Anna and hope to continue with lessons for as long as Hailey continues to love them.

Dessy S.

In the beginning, we were not sure how Klea would like her piano class. We didn't have any experience playing instruments but we would like our kids to be able to play piano. It turned out that Klea loves her piano class and she is very excited to go to her piano lesson.

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